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Satiated Desires is a shop on the Second Life and Avination platforms selling animated furniture, avatar animations, jewellery, clothing and even bathrooms.

This site is primarily about my releases inworld but because I’m opinionated you’ll find some opinion pieces scattered throughout the site.  Running two blogs to separate them is just too hard!  If you want to see the main Satiated Desires range then try the Satiated Desires Product Catalogue.

If you’re  interested in keeping up to date with the new releases, join my update group in your world of choice.  Or, grab the RSS feed here, sign up for the site email update from the side bar, join us on Twitter or like the Facebook page and you’ll get the feed automatically to your wall.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback about any of the products or the site leave a comment here or drop me an IM in either world.

Satiated Desires – Stir Your Imagination

Satiated Desires Mainstore (Adult)

Toys for Grown Ups by Couldbe Yue @ Zindra.  This is where you’ll find everything.  Selling specialist sensual BDSM, bondage, CARP, D/s and CP indoor and outdoor products designed to stir your erotic imagination.

RLV Shop

Situated within the mainstore, it has couples and solo RLV items.

The Mistress Salon (Adult)

Catering to the FemDom D/s relationship, each piece has been positioned for the male submissive avatar and some items are specifically designed to reflect the dynamics of the FemDom relationship.

Bathroom & Bedroom Showroom (Mature)

The full range of bathroom and bedroom furniture under one roof.

[SDA] Satiated Desires Animations (Adult)

Over 100 animations I’ve created for my items and are now for sale to the public.  Stands, sits, kneels, restraint, display, suspension and adult animations.

Bathroom Showroom (Adult)

A separate showcase for the bathroom suites sold.  Baths, showers, basins, toilets, bidets and general bathroom furniture.


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Satiated Desires – Stir Your Imagination

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