Satiated Desires New Release for Minikin 0.4: Strip Silks – Candy


Satiated Desires SLM Listing: Minikin Strip Silks - Candy                               Satiated Desires Catalogue Listing: Minikin Strip Silks - Candy                             click here to teleport to the Satiated Desires main store

This is a special version for Minikin 0.4 avatars. Just because you’re little doesn’t mean you aren’t kinky 😉

There are 7 pieces in this silks set and you can wear as many or as little as you wish.  Each piece of the outfit is strippable and menu resizable and the stripping can be triggered by either you or the person undressing you.

Each piece can be removed and there will be an emote which is displayed in chat.  The chat can be turned on or off without affecting the strip function.  If you turn the chat off then the menu options will still appear but you’ll have to do your own emoting for the action.  They’re designed to fit the default Minikin 0.4 avatar without any adjustment, if you have a slightly different shape then you will need to tweak them a bit.

Set Contains

  • Cape
  • Pasties
  • Skirt
  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm
  • Head Piece
  • Cincher (that’s the bit around the middle)

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Available inworld @ the Satiated Desires Mainstore and the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Satiated Desires item upgrade: Tokonoma

Satiated Desires New Release: Tokonoma RLV

 Satiated Desires SLM Listing: RLV Tokonoma                               Satiated Desires Catalogue Listing: Tokonoma RLV                             click here to teleport to the Satiated Desires main store

A very stylish way to display your possession.  Gently lit to highlight their best features and the chains that dangle them only appear when sat upon, so make your captive an artistic addition to your decor.  This is a formal, Japanese influenced alcove that can be used in a traditional manner to display artwork or snare your captive and have them as the artwork.

It is designed for both male and females and the item can be used normally (your captive jumps on it) or to use the RLV functionality, your captive will need a RLV enabled viewer.  Only the captive needs a RLV HUD, the captor is not affected by it.

It comes with its own basic RLV relay with complete wearer control, so if you’ve never tried RLV and want to explore it safely you can.

The item is designed for you to rez and use. It comes with a User Guide.

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Available inworld in the RLV shop @ the Satiated Desires Mainstore and via the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Satiated Desires: Avination Catalogue

I don’t have a retail presence in Avination anymore but I’m still willing to sell the items if you contact me.  Drop me a line either in SL, Avination or here via the Contact Form and we can organise it.

So, here’s the catalogue:


Satiated Desires: Second Life Catalogue

Since I’m still jigging around trying to get the website to behave, I thought I’d put the new list of the catalogue product links for you eye glazing perusal. I’m actually releasing new things but only inworld and the marketplace.  I’ve been struggling with this site (it still keeps defying me occasionally), so I haven’t dared try to set up a new listing yet, nor have I done the monthly newsletter (colour all of us unsurprised, it’s been a while since they’ve been that regular) but I will!

Anyway, here’s the list of everything in the catalogue so far.