Linden Lab and the adult ghetto. Why am I still stuck on Zindra?

It seems the purveyors of sex toys are more than welcome to go back to selling their wares on mature land.  Linden Lab obviously don’t want to spend the time or the energy enforcing their new rules and the job that was being created as the “Adult Enforcer” has now been scrapped.

One can only assume they’ve had a peek at a copy of the FTC report that’s due on December 10 and think they’re safe from Congressman Kirk and the ilk.

Great news!  So why am I still stuck in the ghetto?

Easy..  the keywords I use to advertise are still verboten.   Obviously I’m evil hell spawn because I produce toys that undermine the moral fibre of civillisation as we know it.

Somehow this

Slave Post
endangers public morals, yet this
is ok.
You work it out, I’m damned if I can.

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