Avination Animation Overriders

Tired of having an AO that makes you look like you’re about to have a fit?

These AOs are all low movement, with consistent animation heights and smooth transitioning which means people will be looking at you in an admiring way, rather than wondering if they should be calling a doctor.  Most animations have free moving heads so you don’t look like a mannequin.

The main AOs have a full set of animations. The add-on packs are plugins for an existing AO so will only have the animations and the notecard, just drop the animations into your AO, copy the notecard details into your existing notecard and you’re away.

All are priority 3 animations except for the typing override, in a specially designed  ZHAO II based HUD, so you can change the stands playing time, choose whether you cycle through the list or are played randomly, turn on or off the typing and typing override, you can chose your sits, can sit anywhere  and whenever you want  and all the usual features including it automatically turning off when you use my MLP based furniture plus the ability to override animations when you sit on furniture and it has been configured to be able to be placesd on any of the HUD attachment points without it vanishing off the screen.

Every HUD comes with full instructions and a HUD accessible notecard help guide in the AO for moments when you forget stuff.

These are modify/copy *no transfer* HUDs so no refunds will be given.  Please try the AO instore at [SDA] Satiated Desires Animations before you buy.

Animation Sets Available

Sweet Maiden AO

Animation Sets Contain

All HUDS include

Specific Animations

  • 2 walks
  • 1 crawl
  • 1 run
  • 6 stands
  • 6 chair sits
  • 6 ground sits – including 2 ground lays

plus the essentials

  • fly up, fly down, hover, fly, fall
  • land, stand, crouch, pre-jump, jump
  • turn left, turn right
  • typing override


The AOs and the individual animations are available  inworld at the [SDA] Satiated Desires Animations store.  Either use the map to find the Satiated Desires region or use search to find the store.

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