Satiated Desires goes Direct Delivery on SLM

Yesterday, Linden Lab released the Direct Delivery feature for Second Life Marketplace (SLM) purchases.  You don’t have to do anything to set up your viewer to receive your purchases – just buy a direct delivery item and you’ll find it in a special folder right at the bottom of your inventory folder if you use any of the V2 & 3 viewers and if you use any of the older viewers (phoenix, rainbow etc) it will create a folder in your inventory.

If you want to test it out,  go pick up a Linden Bear from the Marketplace Direct-Delivery-Linden-Bear  and wait for it to arrive.

There have been no reported failures with the direct delivery process (unlike the old magic box deliveries that would fail quite frequently) so you should be guaranteed whatever you buy will arrive.

Happy shopping!



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