Blindfolds are one of the basic bits of equipment for any kidnap or bondage aficionado. This set is a blindfold and a blindfold HUD.

The blindfold itself is decorative and for those who prefer a more realistic immersion there’s a HUD that will block your view with a satin binding. It won’t affect anything but what you see, you’ll still be able to TP, IM, chat, rifle through your inventory etc.

The blindfold is menu resizable, is rippable and has emotes which can be turned on or off without affecting the rip function.

As both the blindfold and the HUD are modifiable you can drop RLV locking scripts into them or rename them to suit your folders.

It comes with a full user guide with information on how to use the rip and emote functions and how to resize.

Choose from 3 colours: Red, Black and Blue.


Colours: Available in Red, Black or Blue


There are menu controlled 3 interactive two person CBT emotes and the wearer has a choice of an additional 2 independent emotes that can be used at any time. The wearer can also resist any actions to add more realism.

HUD: Only blocks the wearer’s view

Attachment Point: Blindfold: Nose, HUD: Centre 2

Set Up: Wear and adjust  if necessary.

Permissions: Modify/Transfer.


* Easy menu resizing. It has one script that doesn’t require any complicated injecting or resetting to work.
* Emotes can be turned off leaving the actions available to direct the scene and still allows the removal option.
* It has a ban list to stop unwanted attention.
* Full wearer control.  Each action has to be done with the consent of the wearer.
* Comes with a User Guide, general overview notecard and a Product Licence.

Where To Buy

Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Version Upgrades

Aug 2010:  resize script upgraded

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