For use on women

A lovely animated stingy thin purple cane and a thuddy spanker for those of you who have naughty women in your life.

Just wear and line yourself up with your recipient and then left click anywhere but yourself or the spanker/cane and be rewarded with the sound of it swishing towards your intended, the impact as it lands on that tender flesh and then one of three randomly selected and very satisfying moans as the pain goes through them.


* Sounds and animation can be turned on or off via chat,
* Easy to use, just wear and click anywhere but yourself of the spanker to trigger the animation and sounds,
* Includes a user guide and product licence.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer

Note: you must be on land with permission to run scripts for it to work.


Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Purple Leather Spanker

Thin Cane - Purple

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