Hollywood Mirror, Shelf and Rug


Animation: 1 hair combing animation. Touch the mirror to sit and start the animation and touch the comb to get a wearable comb that lets you share the full experience with others.

Accessory: Comb.

Footprint: 1.25 x .5 x 3 metres high.

Prims: 7.

Set Up: Rez and use.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer.


Footprint: .5  x .5 x  3 metres high

Prims: 9

Set Up: Rez and use.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer

Bath Rug

Footprint: 4 x.2.5 x .5 metres high

Prims: 1

Permissions: Modify and Transfer


The items may say no copy/no modify in your inventory.  You will be able to modify them once it is rezzed.


Available at the Satiated Desires Bathroom Showroom in Second Life and via the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)


The Hollywood Range

Xcite! & Sensations Compatible


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