Chatelaine Collection – Steel and Emerald Necklace and Hip Chain

Designed for those of you who are confident in your femininity and downright sexiness.

There are two pieces to choose from, a twisted heavy link steel necklace and a hip chain, both have emerald pendants to draw the eye.

The necklace looks seriously sexy with anything from casual tops to formal gowns and the hip chain looks great with anything from jeans to hobble skirts.

The items are modify but you can also resize via the menu. Now upgraded with low lag easy menu resizing. One script and no need to remove or reset the script.


* Manual or menu driven one script resizing.
* Includes a user guide and product licence.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer


Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Version Upgrades

Aug 2010:  resize script upgrade

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