House Slave Chains

Beautiful jewelled chains for your house slave.  So If your female house slaves don’t like to be naked but love jewellery, indulge them in a stylish way that shows them just who they belong to.

These are heavy twisted link gold or silver chains, designed to make them all too aware that they are yours while looking stunning.

The nipple chains have a delicate but firm clamp to keep them in place. Along with the heavy chains the medallion adds weight and a gives the chains a symmetrical beauty.

The hip chain is a slightly lighter chain with the heavy twisted links and has a medallion barely covering their modesty. At the back there is another small medallion to draw the eye to their curvaceous rear.

A beautiful set which is certain to arouse and please. They are transferable and make a delightful present for those who decorate your Second Life.

They are available in gold with amber set medallions or silver with sapphire medallions

Now upgraded with low lag easy menu resizing. One script and no need to remove or reset the script.


* Manual or menu driven one script resizing.
* Includes a user guide and product licence.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer


Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Version Upgrades

Aug 2010:  resize script upgraded and silver released.

Sept 21 09 V2.0 with lag reducing resizer script and perms changed to include modify released

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