“Seductress” Silks

Seductress Silks

This is an 8 piece set comprising:

  • skirt
  • nipple ring top
  • 2 arm veils
  • mouth veil
  • cape
  • head piece
  • belly ring

Each piece has real pearl chains and the set is fully prim, there are no clothing layers. It’s modifiable and menu resizable, so you only need to edit to adjust their position. There’s a pose stand included too to help you easily make your changes.

They come with a User Guide  and a list of attachment points so those of you who have items (usually collars or tails) that you can’t/won’t remove can check and change your attachment points to suit.


* Manual or menu driven one script resizing.
* Includes a user guide and product licence.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer


You can buy them inworld, at Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Version Upgrades

Aug 2010:  resize script upgraded.

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