Shag Band

The latest craze in the UK has now come to Second Life – The Shag Band.

Some will remember similar bracelets being around in the Eighties and Nineties sometimes they were known as “fuck me” bracelets and in America they are called “snopes”.

The band has 7 colours, each colour represents an action the snapper would like you to perform – ranging from an innocent kiss to things that may make your eyes water…

Anyone will be able to touch and select a colour to “snap”, you will then see a menu appear asking you if you wish to allow this or not.  If you say no then a sentence will appear in chat saying you’ve removed their hand.  You’ll also get another menu asking you if you wish to ban them.  If you say yes then they will not be able to bother you again with requests until you clear your ban list. If you say no then they’ll be free to keep trying to snap a band.

If you say yes to the snapping then of course then your agreement will appear in chat for the snapper (and everyone else around you) to see… and you’re on your own after that 😉

It’s designed for either gender and is copy and modifiable.



There are 7 interactive two person emotes and the wearer has a choice of an additional independent emote that can be used at any time.  The wearer can also resist any actions to add more realism.

Attachment Point: Right wrist.

Set Up: Wear and adjust to the wrist if necessary.

Permissions: Copy/Modify.


* Easy menu resizing. It has one script that doesn’t require any complicated injecting or resetting to work.
* Emotes can be turned off leaving the actions available to direct the scene.
* It has a ban list to stop unwanted attention.
* Full wearer control.  Each action has to be done with the consent of the wearer.
* Comes with a User Guide, general overview notecard and a Product Licence.

Where To Buy

Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Enjoy 🙂

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