Silver and Pearl Adornment Set

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This set has individual nipple rings, a belly ring and a clit ring.  The nipple rings are individual and super easy to position – as long as you know how to position worn items!

Each piece is modifiable but you can also resize via a touch menu.

They are positioned away from the body to make it easier for you to adjust when first worn.

Attachment Points

  • Nipple Rings – Spine
  • Belly Ring – Stomach
  • Clit Ring – Pelvis

The set comes with instructions and a pose stand to aid adjustment.


* Manual or menu driven one script resizing.
* Includes a user guide and product licence.

Permissions: Copy and Modify


Available Inworld from the Satiated Desires Mainstore or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

v2 – February 2012

  • perms changed to copy/mod
  • nipple rings are now individual

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