Tokonoma Display Cabinet


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A very stylish way to display your possession.  Gently lit to highlight their best features and the chains that dangle them only appear when sat upon, so make your captive an artistic addition to your decor.  This is a formal, Japanese influenced alcove that can be used in a traditional manner to display artwork or snare your captive and have them as the artwork.

This item can be used normally (your captive jumps on it) or to use the RLV functionality, your captive will need a RLV enabled viewer.


Footprint: 3 m high x 2.9 m wide x  1.5 m deep
Prims: 8
Land Impact: 8


The item will say no copy/ no modify in your inventory.  This is because the animations and scripts are no modify.  You will be able to change the item as you need to.

RLV Features

* Manual lock via menu when sat upon (captor decided when to lock them in)
* Auto lock when sat upon
* Auto capture and lock
* Scan to select person to capture
* Timer can be changed during capture

The default settings for this item is
* Auto lock off,
* Auto capture off
* 10 minute timer.

Touch the item to get the menu to change these options.

Once caught the avatar will not be able to tp away, accept tps or stand until released.

The auto capture and scan to capture functions have a 10m radius.

With some relays you may find that if these settings are changed while there is someone restrained they will not be released after the time expires.  The captive will need to safeword and then they can stand up.

There is a transferable RLV HUD included in this package.  It has basic RLV features.  See the HUD User Guide for more information.

V2 released Aug 2012.  Now with scan and furniture updated.


Available inworld @ the Satiated Desires Mainstore and the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)


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