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Welcome!  You’ll find here a selection of the items sold by Satiated Desires on the Second Life Marketplace (SLM). If you don’t see what you’re looking for, have a look around the marketplace store as not everything is listed here.

Adult Playtime

Beds, couches, chairs, self pleasure cushions and possibly a few things that might make you blink in surprise. Including Xcite!, Sensations and RLV items.

Kinky Things

There’s BDSM, bondage, CARP, D/s products for indoor and outdoor that are designed to stir your erotic imagination or at least tickle your fetishes.   Clothing, collars, LockGuard cuffs, slave contracts, strapons, body ropes, beds, crops, canes, restraining posts and bondage posts and there’s even a kinky raft! Naturally some items are Xcite!, Sensations and RLV enabled.

Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom suites, where the pieces are available to buy individually or as the full suite. There’s bathing pools, baths, showers, basins, toilets, bidets and general bathroom furniture. The showers and baths have sex animations, the rest of the furniture is tame enough that your grandma wouldn’t be offended.


Blindfolds, jewellery, gift boxes, storage boxes, contracts and other miscellanea. I even sell a pool ring for those days when you’re avatar is too fagged to do anything more than hang out in the pool.


There’s poseballs for minikins/petites as well as full sized avs and AOs with expansion packs to add a bit more interest to your interactions.


Catering to the FemDom D/s relationship. Some items are positioned for the male or female submissive avatar and some are more generic, there’s bondage furniture, including some that are Xcite!, Sensations and RLV enabled.

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