About Satiated Desires

Satiated Desires by Couldbe Yue debuted in Second Life in 2007 and between then and 2013 it not only expanded to a peak of 6 in-world stores and 5 distinct brands but also set up outposts in Avination and InWorldz.

Sadly, with the closure of the other worlds and the decline in concurrency in Second Life, Satiated Desires presence is now confined to the Second Life Marketplace.

Despite that, I’m still around for customer service and help.

There’s a Facebook page for Satiated Desires and a Twitter account too.  If you just want to swing by for a chat you’re most likely to find me on Twitter and you can IM me in-world if you need help with any of my items.



PS I’m considering (as I have been for years) selling in Kitely.  If you’re in Kitely and you’re interested, let me know as I need some incentive to set up shop there.




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