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Asian Display Platforms

There are three different platforms available and are designed to allow you to reflect the status of your submissive or slave.

The tall platform is designed for the highest ranked of your possessions.  It has 9 positions, 8 kneels and 1 decorative position (see the picture) that will set them apart from the rest.

The medium platform has 5 kneel only positions and the low has 2 kneel only positions.

Each platform is independent of the others so you can have as few or as many out as you need.  Every position has a natural movement, looped animation and is suitable for either males or females.

The platforms are available individually or you can buy the set of 5 and save around 30% on buying them separately.

This is part of the range of Asiatique bondage products that are a sumptuous dark wood range of elegant, kinky toys.

Asian Display Platform Set


There are 5 items in this set:

1 x Tall stand with 9 positions

2 x Medium stands with 5 positions

2 x Low stands with 2 positions

By buying the set you will save around 30% on buying them individually.

Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Individual Asian Display Platforms

These are only available inworld at the mainstore.

Display Platform :Tall – 9 Positions; 8 kneels and one display

Display Platform:Medium – 5 kneel positions

Display Platform:Low – 2 kneel positions

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