“Boudior” Rip Silks

Gorgeous floaty silks that are fully rippable and interactive. These are not traditional second life clothing, but are made completely of prims.  They are beautiful on their own or will enhance your intimate moments…  and they look just as fabulous on as they do in the pics.  🙂

It’s a 10 piece set so you can chose how much or little to wear. When it comes to taking them off, either you can strip or your partner/s can touch the piece of clothing they want to remove and you can chose to respond.

These are designed so you chose to allow the action to happen when someone touches your clothing. You can resist their touch and if they keep touching finally allow the piece to be removed, you can allow sensual touching, you can enjoy pleasurable, consensual removal or you can get a little eager and have them torn from your body.

For each piece of clothing you chose when you want it to be removed and how the encounter will run. Your partner chooses the action, but you can always resist and let them retry until you’re ready to have it removed. You don’t need to give them permission to modify your objects or make any other changes to your av. Each time someone clicks on a piece of clothing you will be asked if you wish to allow them to go on.

Each touch or response from you will trigger a chat response to describe the scene and help heighten the pleasure of your interaction.  The chat responses can be turned on or off at any time without stopping the ability to remove your clothing.

They’re resizeable by menu so you only need to edit to adjust their position. There’s a pose stand included too to help you easily make your changes.

They come with a User Guide with full instructions and a list of attachment points so those of you who have items (usually collars or tails) that you can’t/won’t remove can check and change your attachment points to suit.


Colours: Available in Purple or Blue

Pieces: 10

  • head piece
  • veil
  • arm bands
  • top
  • cape
  • hip chain
  • skirt
  • leg bands


Each piece has menu controlled interactive two person emotes and the wearer has a choice of an additional 3 independent emotes that can be used at any time. The wearer can also resist any actions to add more realism.

Attachment Points: List included in pack

Set Up: Wear and adjust  if necessary.

Permissions: Copy/Modify.


* All pieces are rippable,
* Can be used in resistance, stripping, consensual or eager rp,
* Easy menu resizing,
* Emotes can be turned off leaving the actions available to direct the scene and still allows the removal option,
* It has a ban list to stop unwanted attention,
* Full wearer control.  Each action has to be done with the consent of the wearer,
* Comes with a User Guide, attachment point list, general overview notecard and a Product Licence.

Where To Buy

You should always try before you buy.  There’s a free demo inworld.  It has a selection of the different fabrics available, the menu system and gives you an example of the chat.

Inworld or the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Version Upgrades

Aug 2010:  resize script upgraded to one script that doesn’t require any complicated injecting or resetting to work.

10 Sept 09:  V2.0 New scripts and includes the chat on/off functionality and the resize scripts have been designed to minimise lag.

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