Celtic Cross

Just a little something that veers on the edge of bad taste.   A Celtic cross with 20 positions; 12 solo bondage and display and 8 intimate couples and yes, as you can see from the picture it does have a display position called crucify. 😉

As this item is a rope bondage toy, it needs your sub to wear one of the included collar and cuffs sets (or any LockGuard v2 collar & cuffs) to generate the black ropes. The collar and cuff sets that comes with this product are menu resizable and they have a rip feature with emotes that can be turned on or off without affecting the rip function.

It has been configured for a female captive/male captor. There are also 2 sets of gender neutral rippable, emoting cuffs & collar included to enhance your pleasure.


  • The red ball is for the captive and the black for the captor.
  • It automatically turns off Zhao AOs when you sit on the balls, they will switch back on again when you stand up.
  • The User Guide, FAQ and Product Licence are available through the Options menu.
  • Anyone who is allowed access to the menus can restart the item when necessary.
  • The balls are touch to sit rather than having to right click and select from the pie menu.
  • It is 19 prims and has a footprint of 2.5 x 1.5 metres

It is designed for you to rez and use and it comes with full instructions for tailoring the menu to enhance your pleasure or adjusting the positions and has a FAQ for when things go wrong,

Cuff features

The cuffs are menu resizable, modifiable and are interactive.  The chat emotes can be turned on or off without stopping the rip function.

This item is designed to minimise lag

  • The platform will move into standby mode an hour after you stop using it.
  • Using the stop button removes the balls which stops the scripts in the balls running.

More information is included in the User Guide.

Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

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