Christmas Cane

A scripted festive cane that has an animated swing and very satisfying swish and slap sound.

A Christmas cane for either men or women.. not the sweet sugary kind, but the kind that makes them go “ouch!!”. You decide whether they need to be naughty or nice to get a taste of your Christmas cane.

Can be worn and used anywhere you can run scripts.

Easy to use; just wear, line yourself up with the recipient and click anywhere but yourself or the cane. When you want to carry it but not use it, a chat instruction to it will stop it until you’re ready to give someone a lashing.

Check out my listings if you want a cane with the cries of your intended. I have both male and female spankers and canes.

If you fancy something a little more frivolous, there’s a candy cane  available too…

Enjoy 🙂

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