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Kneeling Maiden Female AO

Tired of having an AO that makes you look like you’re about to have a fit?  This is a low movement AO for those of you who spend your time on your knees and want to have choices in how you wish to display yourself to your owner and guests.  It’s also designed to accept addon packs so you can widen the choice of menu selectable animations.

Kneeling Maiden AO

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There are 33 animations. All are priority 3 animations except for the typing override and are in a specially designed ZHAO II based HUD.  The HUD also has an inbuilt RLV relay that can replace a HUD relay for those of you who don’t use a collar based relay.  RLV use is becoming more widespread in CARP and other games. This is will let you safely enjoy the RLV features offered in places you visit without having to search for a separate HUD.

There are two main animation sets

  • A set of 6 kneels that you can choose to cycle through randomly or sequentially and choose the playing time,
  • A special animation set that is triggered by choosing the kneel anywhere icon on the HUD. You can kneel anywhere and whenever you want and choose your kneel via a menu.  You’ll have complete control over your position.  There’s 4 various kneels, two bows and a lay.

It has consistent animation heights and smooth transitioning which means people will be looking at you in an admiring way, rather than wondering if they should be calling a doctor.  Most animations have free moving heads so you don’t look like a mannequin.

You can also turn on or off the typing and typing override and it has all the usual features including it automatically turning off when you use my MLP based furniture.

It has been configured to be able to be placed on any of the HUD attachment points for a 22 inch screen without it vanishing off the screen.

The HUD comes with full instructions and a HUD accessible notecard help guide in the AO for moments when you forget stuff.

This is a modify/copy *no transfer* HUD so no refunds will be given.  Please try the AO instore at [SDA] Satiated Desires Animations before you buy.



  • 6 cycling kneels
  • 8 special kneel animations
  • 1 crawl (replaces walking)
  • 1 fast crawl (replaces running)

plus the essentials

  • fly up, fly down, hover, fly, fall
  • land, stand, crouch, pre-jump, jump
  • Linden water swim up, swim down, swim forward, float
  • turn left, turn right (on knees)
  • typing override

HUD Dashboard

The dashboard gives you quick access to the main menu functions.

Special Features


( You must be using third party provider viewer (Phoenix, Firestorm, Rainbow, Kirsten’s, Imprudence etc) and activate the RLV features in your viewer before these buttons will work.)

On/Off – with three options.

  • Off
  • On (permission needed)
  • On (auto accept)


This will automatically release you from the item that has caught you and turn the RLV function off so you can escape.


The HUD and the individual animations are available inworld at the [SDA] Satiated Desires Animations store or the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

Addon Packs Available

Each addon pack contains 6 low movement priority 3 animations with the notecard set up to integrate with the Kneeling Maiden AO.  So you can seamlessly add to your animation options whilst still having all the other animations in the HUD available to you.

Satiated Desires Catalogue Listing: Kneeling Maiden AO Expose addon packSatiated Desires Catalogue Listing: Kneeling Maiden AO Display addon pack

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