Marble Mirror

The Marble range of furniture has a Greco-Roman influence reflecting the style of ancient times. Out in your courtyard or in your bathroom, the Marble range will impress with its classical styling and ease of use.

Marble Mirror

        Satiated Desires SLM Listing: Marble Mirror                                                                      click here to teleport to the Satiated Desires Bedroom and Bathroom Showroom

The mirror has a hair smoothing animation.


Animation: 1 hair smoothing animation. Touch the mirror to sit and start the animation.

Footprint: 2.6 m wide x .5 deep x 2.5 metres high.

Land Impact: 2  (Prims: 4)

Set Up: Rez and use.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer

Land Impact is the new way of calculating prim usage and is what you should use to work out if you’ll have enough prims on your land for it.  LL are still refining the calculation so it may change over time.  If it ever gets bigger than the prim count, contact me and I’ll walk you though how to fix it (it’s very easy).

The item will say no copy/no modify in your inventory.  This is because the animations and scripts are no copy/modify.  You will be able to change the prims as you need to.


Available at the Bathroom & Bedroom Showroom and Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

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