Adult Furniture,  RLV

Mesh Coffee Table

This item is a coffee table with a difference. Beneath that innocent exterior there is a kinky side.  When sat upon the person is put on display under the table and can be watched from the side or nicely framed from above as they squirm. Nothing like a bit of objectification. 😉

The item can be used normally or to use the RLV functionality your captive will need an RLV enabled viewer (with RLV set in preferences) and to wear either their own RLV relay HUD or the one provided with this item.

This is a mesh item so unless you and the people around you are using a mesh enabled viewer you won’t see it properly.  If you want to read more information on mesh for consumers, go here:


* Footprint: 2m long, 1.2m high, 1m wide
* Prims:  5 prims with a Land Impact of 7 prims. (Land Impact is the way mesh items are measured and this is the true prim value when you rez it)
* Permissions:  Modify/Transfer

Read this if you are new to mesh and want more information.

RLV features

This item can be set to allow a manual lock when sat upon, auto lock when sat upon or can auto capture and lock.

The default settings for this item is auto lock on, auto capture on and a 2 minute timer.  Touch the item to get the menu to change these options.

Once caught the avatar will not be able to tp away, accept tps or stand until released.

The auto capture feature has a 10m radius.


RLV use is becoming more widespread in CARP and other games. This is will give you basic RLV functionality to let you enjoy the RLV features offered without having to search for a separate HUD.

Note:  You must be using third party provider viewer (Phoenix, Firestorm, Rainbow, Kirsten’s, Imprudence etc) and activate the RLV features in your viewer before the HUD will work.


Available from the Second Life Mainstore and from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

You can see more Second Life RLV items here  and if you want to see more pics, check out the Second Life Marketplace (SLM) listing here

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