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Minikin Strip Silks – Earth Nymph

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This is a special version for Minikin 0.4 avatars. Just because you’re little doesn’t mean you aren’t kinky 😉

There are 7 pieces in this silks set and you can wear as many or as little as you wish.  Each piece of the outfit is strippable and menu resizable and the stripping can be triggered by either you or the person undressing you.

Each piece can be removed and there will be an emote which is displayed in chat.  The chat can be turned on or off without affecting the strip function.  If you turn the chat off then the menu options will still appear but you’ll have to do your own emoting for the action.  They’re designed to fit the default Minikin 0.4 avatar without any adjustment, if you have a slightly different shape then you will need to tweak them a bit.

Set Contains

  • Cape
  • Pasties
  • Skirt
  • Right Arm
  • Left Arm
  • Head Piece
  • Cincher (that’s the bit around the middle)

How To Use

They are easy to use, just wear and let people touch the piece they want to strip them off you ;).  I recommend you try them on and practice with them first so you understand how they work and see what each piece says in chat.  You don’t want to be fumbling around in the heat of the moment!

These are designed so *you* chose the response when someone touches your clothing.  You can resist their touch and if they keep touching finally allow the piece to be removed, you can allow sensual touching, you can enjoy pleasurable, consensual removal or you can get a little eager and have them torn from your body.  For each piece of clothing you chose how you want it to be removed and when and how the encounter will run. Your partner choses the action, but you can always resist and let them retry until you’re ready to have it removed.

There are 3 solo and 4 partner choices.

Solo (you touch the item):

  • Touching the fabric
  • Stripping slowly
  • Ripping it off 😉

Partner/s (anyone else touches the item):

  •  Resisting (they touch you and you say no)


  • They stroke the fabric,
  • They slowly remove the item,
  • They rip it from your body,

  What Happens When You Allow Someone To Touch You

When you or someone else touches the item, they are given a menu with a choice of 3 actions:


  • Touch: The item is touched only and not removed, which allows you or your partner to tease.
  • Remove it: The item is slowly removed.
  • Tear it off: The item is ripped off.  This is for those of you who like a bit of resistance play or things a little more eager.

When someone touches a clothing item, you’ll get a menu telling you what they want to do to the piece of clothing and asking you if you want to let them carry on.  If you say yes, the action they’ve chosen will happen, if you decide you wish to resist and chose “no” then it won’t, and you’ll then be asked if you want to ban them from doing it again.

Banning Someone From Touching You

If you say no to allowing someone to touch you, you will then be asked if you wish to ban the person from touching that item again. 

  • If you say no, then they can continue clicking until either you finally give in and allow them to do as they wish or finally ban them.
  • If you say yes to banning them, then you’ll never be bothered by them clicking on that piece of clothing again.

They are menu resizable but will only size up, not down. They aren’t suitable for Minikin 0.3 or Petites.  There’s a pose stand included to help you easily make any positioning  changes you need to.


Available inworld @ the Satiated Desires Mainstore and the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)


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