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Modern Wood Hot Tub

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The Modern Wood Hot Tub is part of the Modern Wood range of furniture.  The tub is designed for your deck, garden or conservatory and has separate, removable candles that you can turn on or off by touch to add some mood lighting if you’re enjoying a warm summer’s evening.

The hot tub fills from a menu when you touch the switch and you can enjoy bubbles and whirlpool jets in the water or turn either of them them off if you want something more relaxing. It comes with champagne glasses which you and your companions can access via the menu.

The item is designed for you to rez and use. It comes with full instructions for set up, for tailoring the menu to suit your needs, adjusting the positions and has a FAQ for if things go wrong.  It is also designed so you can remove any pose sets that you won’t use.  Details are below.


  • MF, FF, MM and MFF animation sets,
  • Touch the corner control to fill/empty the tub, turn on and off the water, start or stop the bubbles, the jacuzzi jets and the steam,
  • Touch anywhere else for the animation menu,
  • Champagne glass and strapon (for the FF sets) are available from the relevant menus,
  • Appropriate facial expressions
  • It automatically turns off Zhao AOs when you sit on the balls, it will switch back on again when you stand up,
  • The balls are touch to sit,
  • You can use the Swap button to swap the avatar positions,
  • You can hide any unused balls by using the Show Balls/Hide Balls buttons,
  • You can decide in the configuration who can use the item or turn the chat on or off,
  • The positions are modifiable, you can easily move them up or down or reposition each ball,
  • Anyone who is allowed access to the menus can restart the item when necessary,
  • The User Guide, FAQ and Product Licence are available through the Options menu.


Animations: Total of 130 solo, swappable couples and threesome positions.

  • Solo 13 relaxing and self pleasure,
  • MF 43 relaxing, cuddles and intimate,
  • MFF 13 relaxing, cuddles and kisses,
  • FF   34 relaxing, cuddles and intimate,
  • MM 27 relaxing, cuddles and intimate,

You can remove any of these animation sets from your menu.  See the user guide for details.

Props: champagne glass, pool ring, strapon

Balls: The ball colour reflects the gender of the people using it.

  • Solo Gold ball,
  • MF    Red ball is for the female and the blue ball is for the male,
  • MFF  Blue for the male, red and purple for the females,
  • FF     Red for the female who is taking the lead, purple for the other female,
  • MM   Blue for the male who is taking the lead, green for the other male.

Set Up: Rez, turn on and use.

Footprint: 7 metres deep x 8 metres wide

Land Impact
Hot Tub:
Land Impact: 29
Land Impact: 16
The candle holders are separate from the main hot tub build to give you flexibility in how many prims you use.  You can easily take them back into your inventory or move them around the hot tub if you want to change the lighting effect.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer

Note: The item will say no copy/no modify in your inventory. You will be able to modify it once it is rezzed.



Available at the Bathroom Showroom and Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

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