New adult verification procedure for Second Life

As you may be aware, Linden Lab have streamlined their adult verification process.  There’s two steps to the verification now, so to verify first of all make sure you are not logged into Second Life and then:

1. Go to your account on the Second Life website and put in your date of birth and confirm that the data you enter is yours and true

By checking this box, you’re confirming that the date of birth entered above is true and accurate. Adult content in Second Life is just that — for adults only. We’ll spell it out for you: if you are under 18, do not check this box! If you are — check it, and off you go!

then submit your details.

2. Open up the viewer and log in

Go to your viewer preferences and changed your maturity levels to include adult and you’re good to go.

The only thing to be aware of is where landowners have locked their land down to PIOF.  If they’ve done that, and your account isn’t PIOF, then you still won’t be able to access that land.

Remember also that if you are under 18 then lying to get access isn’t a good look.  Most landowners will still AR you for appearing to be under-age (it’s usually pretty easy to tell, trust me). Don’t put your account risk, there’s probably nothing on adult land you won’t find on mature these days anyway.

Are You Over 18?

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