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Problems with AO HUDS

There have been problems with the AO HUDs down the last month or so.  LL has put in new code for managing animations, which caused a few problems.  Within the last week they seem to have fixed it, so if you stopped using any AO HUD because of problems with it not working, you should be able to use it again without problems.

I’ll be sending out updates to everyone to make sure you have a copy of the HUD with the new code.  This possibly won’t be until early June.  So if you receive a folder from me and you’ve bought one of my HUDs before then keep an eye out.  If you decline it, it won’t go to trash so you’ll need to contact me for another one.

I’ll post here and in the newsletter when I’m done, so keep an eye out and if you haven’t received it, drop me a line.

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