Tips & Tricks

Refund/Redelivery Policy

These apply to all Satiated Desires purchases.

Transfer Items

*I do not give refunds on items, I’ll swap an item for another of the same price.

*I will not redeliver transfer items that are not delivered unless:

  1. The purchase is verified in my transaction history,
  2. There is a support ticket lodged with LL, and
  3. You forward the email confirming the lodgement of the support ticket to couldbe.yue(at) along with an IM to me to tell me the email is on its way and to give me the details of the transaction from your transaction history.

For Second Life Marketplace purchases you need to lodge a support ticket with LL and request redelivery.

Things you might like to try first.

If the box was empty when you rezzed it. Give it a few minutes and open it again.  When SL is being laggy it can take a while for the asset server to send the details to your viewer.

If you didn’t receive the box from the Marketplace. Clear cache and relog.  Then wait for all your inventory to load. If it’s not there then lodge a ticket with LL support.  If that has gone missing then there’s probably other stuff in your inventory that has vanished as well.

This assumes you didn’t decline the purchase in the first place.  If you did there is no way for me to confirm this and there’s nothing I can do.

Copy Items

I’m happy to redeliver copy items without the support ticket being lodged. Just drop me an IM and send me a copy of your transaction history confirming purchase.



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