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Rip and Emote Restraint Sets – Gender Neutral

These are available as either 5 or 9 piece sets.

  • 5 pieces: wrist and ankle cuffs plus a collar.
  • 9 pieces: wrist,biceps (upper arms), thigh and ankle cuffs plus a collar.

Designed for either male or female avatars or those who slip into either gender and want the emotes to be neutral.  The emotes are genderless. The items can be touched, removed or ripped away by someone else and the wearer can only struggle to escape them or tease.

This range is available in rope or suede.


  • Emotes can be triggered by the wearer or by someone else touching the item,
  • The wearer has full control over who can touch the items, allow the removal or trigger the emotes,
  • Full compatibility with most other grid chaining items,
  • Easy menu resizing using one script.  Low lag and no more having to remove and reset scripts,
  • Modifiable to allow for more precise resizing and to add attachment point names if using RLV,
  • Emotes can be turned off without affecting the rip function,
  • A ban list feature to stop unwanted attention.


These sets will not generate rope instead of chains on any furniture other than mine or those that have been configured to use rope.

Sets include

A pose stand to help you adjust them for a perfect fit.
Full instructions for resizing and using the rip and emote features.


Set #2 5 piece rope rip & emote – genderless

Set #6 9 piece rope rip & emote – genderless

Set #10 5 piece suede rip & emote – genderless

Set #14 9 piece suede rip & emote – genderless

All sets are only available with modify/transfer permissions.

Where to buy

Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

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