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Rural Pleasure

After a hard day’s work on the farm, what better than having a little relaxation time with your honey? This has 53 swappable couples positions ranging from cuddles to the more intimate and has 6 scenes for those times when you’re so tuckered out from all that hay baling that you don’t even fancy clicking buttons.

               Satiated Desires SLM Listing: Rural Pleasure

It is also Xcite! with Kinks and Sensations compatible but if you don’t use either genital set you won’t know the feature is there.

The item is designed for you to rez and use. It comes with full instructions for set up, for tailoring the menu to suit your needs, adjusting the positions and has a FAQ for if things go wrong.


* Touch anywhere for the animation menu,
* Xcite! with Kinks and Sensations compatible,
* Xcite! and Sensations chat can be turned off via your genitals menu,
* Positions are swappable if you fancy a change,
* It automatically turns off Zhao AOs when you sit on the balls, it will switch back on again when you stand up,
* The balls are touch to sit,
* You can decide in the configuration who can use the item or turn the chat on or off,
* The positions are modifiable, you can easily move them up or down or reposition each ball,
* Anyone who is allowed access to the menus can restart the item when necessary,
* The User Guide, FAQ and Product Licence are available through the Options menu.

This item has the following Xcite! kinks: dom, sensory, spank, anal, giveoral, getoral,sadism, masturbate, porn


Animations: 53 swappable couples
Scenes: 6
Compatibility: Xcite! & Sensations compatible but if you don’t use them, you won’t know it’s there.

Land Impact: 2
Footprint: 4m wide x 1.5m deep x 1.5m high

Balls: The red ball is for the female and the blue ball is for the male.

Set Up: Rez, turn on and use.

Permissions: Modify and Transfer

Land Impact is the new way of calculating prim usage and is what you should use to work out if you’ll have enough prims on your land for it.  LL are still refining the calculation so it may change over time.

The item will say no copy, no modify in your inventory.  This is because the animations and scripts are no modify.  You will be able to change the prims as you need to.


Scenes are autoplay vignettes which contain selected positions that automatically move from one position to the next, so you don’t have to keep clicking buttons.

There are 6 Scenes in this item.  Each has a running time between 5-10 minutes and they have a total running time of 46 minutes

>Tempt Him : 5 minutes : To get him in the mood
>Quickie : 7 minutes : For when the urge takes you
>Please Him : 8 minutes :  Male focussed niceness
>Please Her : 10 minutes: Female focussed niceness
>Enjoy Her : 8 1/2 minutes : Go on, have some fun
>Spank&Fuck : 7 1/2 minutes : She’s been bad

Xcite! and Sensations

This item will trigger arousal and chat responses in your genitals. However, Sensations genitals V5 or earlier do not always generate the chat responses correctly. So update them if you can.  You can turn off the chat via your genitals menu.

You may find your responses are a bit intense sometimes.  If you do, turn your arousal speed slider down.  Around 30% should give you a nice session length.

Xcite! Kinks

All of the positions will trigger your kink responses.

This item has the following Xcite! kinks: dom, sensory, spank.anal, giveoral, getoral,sadism, masturbate, porn, sub

To get the most out of your Xcite! genitals make sure you have an up to date kink list as Xcite! does update the list of kinks available.  Either use the menu button on your genitals or go to this page https://www.getxcite.com/kinks.php?key=MzI4MDAy to create your new list and then copy it into your kinks notecard.

Lag Reducing Features

* The platform will move into standby mode an hour after you stop using it.
* Using the Stop button removes the balls which stops the scripts in the balls running.


Satiated Desires SLM Listing: Rural Pleasure

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