Satiated Desires opens in Avination

[SDA] Satiated Desires Animations has opened for business in Avination.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Avination, it’s a Second Life type grid where the owners are based in Europe and is more targetted to adults rather than children and teens.  Currently there are over 700 sims and money can be transferred in via terminals in Second Life.  You can even create your avatar with your Second Life name.

The poseball shop is the first main opening for me there. I’ve got over 150 animations and poses on display and for sale.  In the next few weeks I’ll start releasing the clothing, accessories and furniture ranges – including a selection of the Mistress Salon range.  If you plan on coming for a visit, you can find the shop by searching Satiated Desires in Places or via the map. Everything is under construction at the moment so whilst you’re not likely to fall through the floor you might trip over a rogue prim or two.  In the next month or so there should be land rentals as well and they will be priced well below what you’d be paying for the same land in Second Life.

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