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Seduction Set


A seduction set for those times you want to add a little romance to your quality time.  Drape yourself on the cushion and wear the roses and let your beloved slowly remove them or you can strip for them.  The cushion and the roses can be used separately or together.


Cushion: 1 prim, sized at 1m x 1m with a seductive laying animation.


There are 2 interactive two person emotes:  To stroke each rose and to remove it.

The wearer has a choice of an additional 2 independent emotes that can be used at any time: Tempting your beloved by stroking the petals and removing the roses.  The wearer can also resist any actions to add more realism.

Attachment Points:

  • Left Breast Rose: Left Shoulder
  • Right Breast Rose: Right Shoulder
  • Pelvis Rose: Stomach.

Set Up: Rez the cushion and click to sit.  Wear and adjust to the roses using the included pose stand if necessary.

Permissions: Modify/Transfer


* Emotes can be turned off leaving the actions available to direct the scene and still allows the removal option.
* It has a ban list to stop unwanted attention.
* Full wearer control.  Each action has to be done with the consent of the wearer.
* Comes with a User Guide and a Product Licence.


Available from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

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