Spankers, Crops & Canes

Shredded Leather Crop

This is a unisex animated crop with sounds. It has a shredded leather tongue to give it that extra sting.

It’s a stylish way to remind your sub to behave or to urge your horse on during pony play.

Just wear and line yourself up with your recipient and then left click anywhere but yourself or the crop and be rewarded with the sound of the crop swishing towards your intended and the thwack as it connects.

You can also turn it on or off so you can chose when to use it.


Attachment Point: Right hand.

Set Up: Wear and reposition in the hand if necessary.

Permissions: Transfer


* Turn crop strike action and sounds on or off.
* Comes with a User Guide and a Product Licence.

Where To Buy

Available Inworld or from the Second Life Marketplace (SLM)

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