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Tips and tricks if you don’t receive your purchase

First of all, do you have me (Couldbe Yue) on mute or were you in busy mode when you purchased the item?  If you were, then you’ll find you refused the delivery without even knowing it.  As delivery is via an object ( one of my vendors or the Second Life Marketplace delivery box ) the item doesn’t even go to trash, so the rest of this tutorial won’t work to help you recover missing items.

So, first things first:

Do you normally get stuff in your inventory go missing?  If it’s a large inventory then it probably doesn’t always load properly.  This means the item is still there but is hidden.  If it’s not large the problem can still happen so here’s the basic steps you need to go through before contacting me.

1. Check your transaction history to make sure the sale was actually completed.

Don’t check the SLM transaction history first, it’s not always accurate.  Check your transaction history on the website and see if it’s there.  If you bought in the shop it should say in the Details column

Destination: Couldbe Yue
Object Sale


or it will say

Destination:  Commerce Linden
MKT2 Item Sale

If you see neither then the sale has not completed.  If the purchase was from one of my shops then you will need to buy it again.  If the purchase was from the Marketplace you will need to check your marketplace transaction history to see if it is either pending or didn’t complete.

In both cases you haven’t been charged any money.

2. If you do see a transaction the next thing to do is to see if it’s buried somewhere in your inventory.

1. Check your received items folder

It should be in there.  All my items are delivered by Direct Delivery so should end up in that folder.

2. Do an inventory search

Type the description from your transaction history into your inventory search box and then wait for the search to complete.

If it’s still not there:

3. Clear cache and relog

Then do another inventory search

and it’s still not there?:

If the item is copy or is full perms, drop Couldbe Yue an IM with the transaction details and I’ll send another.

If the item is transfer, you’ll need to lodge a support ticket with Linden Lab or contact their live support and they’ll help you recover it.

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