Urban Whirlpool Bath

A modern themed bathroom suite range.  The couples animations range from bathing, relaxing in the bath with a book to the more intimate.  To add to your pleasure it features 5 Scenes. Scenes are animated vignettes which contain selected animations that automatically move from one position to the next and have a brief running commentary to give you a story to enhance what you see.  You can fill or empty the bath, and control the bubbles and the hydro-jet feature.

There are 7 scenes.

Relaxing Scenes: 17 minutes total.

  • Bathe – 7 minutes. Drinking, washing, reading and cuddling
  • Relax – 12 minutes.  Kisses and cuddles

Intimate Scenes. 55 minutes total

  • Pleasure – 15 minutes.  He pleasures her
  • Enjoy – 13 minutes.  His pleasures
  • Seduce – 27 minutes.  A long leisurely session


Animations: 21 swappable couples positions
Scenes:  5
* 2 Relaxing
* 5 Intimate

The scene description that is sent to chat can be turned off in the menu.

Props:  Soap, book and champagne glass. The soap is available by touching the soap bar or from the menu and the book and glass are available from the menu.

Balls: The red ball is for the female and for the solo animations and the black for the male.

Set Up: This item is designed for you to rez and use.

Footprint: 6m wide x 5m deep x 1 metre high

Prims: 31

Permissions: Modify and Transfer


* Touch the shower tap to turn on and off the water,
* Touch the soap dish for a wearable bar of bubbling soap,
* Touch anywhere else for the animation menu,
* It automatically turns off Zhao AOs when you sit on the balls, it will switch back on again when you stand up,
* Appropriate facial expressions,
* The balls are touch to sit,
* You can use the SWAP POS button to swap the avatar positions,
* You can choose who can use the item or turn the chat on or off,
* The positions are modifiable, you can easily move them up or down or reposition each ball,
* Anyone who is allowed access to the menus can restart the item when necessary,
* The User Guide, FAQ and Product Licence are available through the Options menu,

Lag Reducing Features

* The platform will move into standby mode an hour after you stop using it.
* Using the Stop button removes the balls which stops the scripts in the balls running.


The item will say no copy/no modify in your inventory.  You will be able to modify it once it is rezzed.


Available in Avination at the Satiated Desires Bathroom Showroom.

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