Valentine’s Delight

Don’t fancy going out to celebrate Valentine’s day this year?  Then stay in and stun your partner this Valentines with a gift that will focus their mind on you completely.

This is a Valentine’s gift box that has 17 menu driven solo and couples positions. It has 8 solo display positions to tempt the lucky recipient and 9 couples positions.  Get spanked if you’ve been bad and kissed if you’re good (or the other way around 😉 ) and then move onto the more intimate.

You can wrap yourself using the 6 piece modifiable and resizable red shibari rope outfit and there’s a blindfold and blindfold HUD to block your view for those of you who want to totally surrender.  They also have a rip feature with emotes that can be turned on or off without affecting the rip function.  The outfit is prim not sculptie so not only won’t it lag your viewer, it able to be resized for those of you with a hard to fit shape and it also won’t disappear when some people look at you, as sculpties sometimes have a habit of doing.

A couple of things to note:

The actual gift box is transferable but the shibari outfit isn’t.  It’s designed for the intended gift to buy to surprise and please.  If this is a problem then contact me and we’ll arrange something.

The shibari outfit looks a little big in some areas.  This is because I’ve designed it in a way that it doesn’t always vanish into the body with each position change.  That’s a common problem with prim outfits and I’ve worked around it as best I can to make sure your visuals are the best they can be.

The outfit emotes are gender neutral and are suitable for males or females.

The black ball is for the lucky recipient and the gold ball is for the gift.

It is 14 prims and has a footprint of 0.5 x 0.5 metres

It comes with:

  • The gift box which generates the menu driven animations
  • One shibari outfit and blindfold with hud and a list of attachment points
  • Full instructions for use and a FAQ.


  • The User Guide, FAQ and Product Licence are available through the Options menu.
  • Anyone who is allowed access to the menus can restart the item when necessary.
  • The balls are touch to sit rather than having to right click and select from the pie menu.
  • A new easier way to adjust positions by using the page up & page down keys
  • The item now has an automatic standby mode that starts an hour after you stop using it.
  • It automatically turns off Zhao AOs when you sit on the balls, the AO will switch back on again when you stand up.

Available inworld and through Xstreet SL (which is what the picture above was designed for..  It makes me laugh 🙂 ) and Apez

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